Where in the world have I been off to? Working a lot, and as usual, fractured concentration on a multitude of things. Reading a lot and not writing. No news there I think. Oh, and the chickens of course, six of them as little chicks in mid-March to the healthy big birds they’ve become now. In August sometime they should begin laying eggs. There are three red links and three amber links though I have serious doubt about that. I am of the opinion they are probably white Leghorn chickens. They are quite docile friendly and enjoyable but if they are Leghorns they lay white eggs, so we’ll see what happens.


I’ve been trying to get together with my friend from downstate for nearly a month now. First there was the earthquake disaster in Port  au Prince, Haiti to deal with. Her business responds frequently to that type of thing as consultants more or less to agricultural and livestock interests. During the two weeks on assignment there, she managed to break her left tibia in two while attempting to collect cell samples from a bull. The big animal took exception and kicked her in protest. Somehow she stayed on and as far as I could tell from our daily online chats, didn’t slow down at all. She may have worked even harder. My thoughts were more along the lines of going home to recover. I’m not sure that ever occurred to her. It is not in her nature to back down from a challenge. Shortly after the unfortunate broken leg she fell ill to stomach ailments from food poisoning which she reckoned to be from improperly cooked fish. This did take her out of the loop for a day or so. She told me the fish was delicious so she had thirds.

When it came time to go she signed online and reported she was on the plane getting ready to take off soon. After an hour or so she reported that the plane needed repairs and would be further delayed. After nearly an hour of waiting past the initial departure time she said she was boarding and would message from the plane. The was the last I heard from her that until the next morning when I assumed she was either at home or at least somewhere in the US. Well you’ve already guessed she was not. In fact, she was still in Port au Prince wear she started from and was mad as a bee claiming the passengers had been mislead into believing they were on their way home. Instead they were being detained to continue operations. This sounds really familiar to me having been in the military for the first half of working life and experiencing plenty of disappointment having been rerouted, extended, misdirected, or cancelled at crucial points during deployments.

So she got three weeks duty, the last of which she aided in at least six childbirths and I don’t know how many animal deliveries. She’s a plenty resourceful gal, very focussed and intent on getting the job done and helping people. She messaged me that Thursday evening and surprised me when she said she was in the air enroute to Miami. Miami became Atlanta, and Atlanta formed a decision point. She paused to help a couple who were young lovers reuniting after service in Afghanistan had separated them for a year. They were gifted a hotel room and lunch. As for my friend, she decided to get a room as well and clean up before continuing on to Indianapolis.

I heard from her the next afternoon, after sleeping the rest of the afternoon, and the night, and the next morning, and having been woken by housekeeping, and discovering she had missed her flight. Since that time, she was supposed to be in Indianapolis but went home instead to check on her grandchild who was sick. Then she was stated she intended to drive here the next morning, though instead she didn’t show up, she reported (eventually) from Georgia. I think. That was where her old friend from college lived and had died after suffering a heart attack. But it wasn’t in Georgia where she claimed to be while messaging me a day later, but Chicago, downtown Chicago, in a hotel.

She’s been there at least three days. She’s tried to go home and hasn’t managed to get that to work out yet. I’ve not heard from her since yesterday evening when a doctor was supposed to be seeing her. Now I’m waiting again, which is becoming something more than merely waiting. It’s believing and trusting in someone else with intended purpose. It’s become an intellectual and emotional exercise.

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